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A bit like Nebuchadnezzar..


Just occasionally over the last couple of months, Lancashire Yogi has been feeling a bit like Nebuchadnezzar. Ok, that’s probably a bit extreme. Lancashire’ hasn’t been trolling around in a deranged, animalistic state in the wilds of Lancashire. And he certainly hasn’t appeared like the depiction by William Blake – on this page…But it certainly has been a strange old time and he has been hither and thither, physically, spiritually and mentally.

It’s a bit extreme to say that Lancashire Yogi feels like Nebuchadnezzar.  You can read his story in the Book of Daniel.  He was a powerful ruler of Babylon in Biblical times.  Nebuchadnezzar features in Daniels story, as he is called upon to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams.  Daniel of course tells the powerful ruler that he will experience great success and also great failure.

Daniel interprets quite a few of the ruler’s dreams, culminating in a dream which Nebuchadnezzar has about an enormous tree which Daniel interprets as a sign that the King will go mad for a period of seven years, mainly because he is a proud, vain glorious man.  True to form, the King is brought down low by circumstances, chance, fate, coincidence, god, energy levels etc.  Nebuchadnezzar is cast out into the wilderness through fate/chance/coincidence etc and lives like a wild animal for a period of seven years. He loses his mind and his humanity. After seven years he returns to his former life, with his mind intact and his status restored. However as a result of his experiences he is full of humility, humanity and reverence for life, love and the spiritual life.

Sometimes, Lancashire Yogi thinks that life, the universe and karma throw stuff at you and you can do a couple of things – you either respond by running towards things, or running away from things. The consequences of both tactics are always interesting but equally challenging.  What has been interesting is that over the last few months Lancashire Yogi has been working on the concept of emptiness.   It’s a Buddhist concept and essentially means realising that everything is neutral, empty of potential. It is only us who put labels and meaning onto things, and we bring these labels and meanings to things as a result of our own experiences and perceptions. This is what Lancashire Yogi thinks is karma.  We perceive things in such a way that they then become the reality that we had perceived.

The more Lancashire Yogi has been working on seeing the potential of everything, or emptiness – the more and more that life has thrown at him. It’s a wonder often that he didn’t run out of the house into the woods and start living a life like Nebuchadnezzar.

However what he has found is that the practices of yoga have helped to manage this overload – and hopefully avoid the pitfalls that became Nebuchadnezzar.

Now he’s back from his hithering and thithering; and he will be trying to provide a regular update from hereon in.